Illusion, delusion and profusion

Fall Flowers at Lucullus 001Out in the country this weekend, I settled in a big wicker chair on the front gallery of Serenity and sipped at a café au lait as the sun was just coming up over the pasture. A rumor of breeze got caught in the top of the water oaks near the garden fence. It was going to be hot and humid I knew, but, for the interval of a few long breaths, the air had a fragrance and caress that was NOT like summer! The day before I thought I had actually noticed a few flaming leaves on the chinaberries. Could it be? Even the dogs under the table perked up and pulled their ears back and seemed to smile. Was this teasing hint of fall a delusion? All that was quickly forgotten as the sun rose along with the temperature and torpor. Then a few days later I walked into Lucullus and Kerry Moody, our floral genius and resident weather optimist had created the Fall bouquet! “Fall’s going to be early this year” he announced, obviously in touch with the Higher Powers, “this arrangement is to celebrate.” Nobody around here is hanging up their seersucker suits just yet, but we are enjoying this profusion of autumnal colors and the illusion that Fall is in the Air.